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2.1 The Square Metre Garden

What is it? How Can it Work in your Backyard?

R: Hello folks and welcome to the first episode of season 2 of RegenEarth! I’m Rich Bowden — freelance eco writer, podcaster and organic gardener. In these podcasts, my co-host; regen farmer, author and podcaster Jon Moore and I will be asking, and finding out the answer for one simple regen question. Speaking of Jon, I hear my co-presenter just settling himself into his Highclere studio in sunny North-Western Tassie. Hello Jon and welcome to the show!

J: Hello one and all.

R: Just a quick bit of housekeeping. This is the first episode of season two. Our seasons will run for eight weeks and then we’ll have a five-week break to prepare for the next season.  Continue reading →