About RegenEarth

Climate Change Actions

Of all the things we are asked to do to “save” the planet, nothing makes our own lives any easier. They are all good, virtuous ideas but they are abstract in some sense. The link between having to bring your own shopping bags and changing the climate for good is not obvious.

They might provide a warm inner glow but?

Surely there is something we can do that actually makes a difference and leaves us in a better position in our lives?

Regenerative Ag (Regen Ag)

Regenerative agriculture is one of the most effective ways we can draw carbon out of the atmosphere and store it safely. Carbon held in the soil has benefits beyond reducing atmospheric concentrations. It drought proofs soils, turning them into sponges. Droughts will still come and go, this is Australia after all but we lessen their impact. Waterways are cleaned by the filtering effects of regeneratively cared for soil. Chemical use drops to zero as the biological systems do what they have evolved to do. No more dust storms dumping lost topsoil on urban areas.

“But I live in a town, a city or even an apartment, what can I do???”

A fair question.

It turns out there is something we can all do on any area of land, yes even an apartment.

Regen Gardening

The bonuses from regen gardening are many. No exposure to garden chemicals, healthy yards for children to play in, improved biodiversity, less flooding as suburbs become water sponges rather than flat hard surfaces, food, yes your own food.

We’re returning to something humans have been doing for 10,000 years. And you get to grow strawberries, or plant apple or orange trees, bananas if that’s your climate.

The ongoing work, even with vegetables, is minimal once the system is set up and then year after year your little piece of the planet is working away diligently to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere and thereby improving your soil and therefore your food quality and taste.

What We Offer

Kicking off in September with our RegenEarth 2019 ~ Living Soils conference you will learn a variety of tried and true methods to create your own regen garden.  Biodynamics, permaculture, soil amendments and the web of living things amongst other things are all on the list to be covered.

The focus of this year’s conference will be the biology of the soil. Too many understandings of the soil are based on chemistry (pH) or physics (particle size). We bring the biology. The intersecting webs of life in a living soil. A soil that is growing year on year.

From then on you can join our ongoing membership where each month a new technique, idea or theory will be explored on the ground with practical applications.

To Learn More

Click through to our RegenEarth 2019 ~ Living Soils page. As we book in people with years of experience and an understanding of just what it takes to keep soil alive and thriving we’ll be adding to that page.