S2 E4 What Are Heirlooms, How Do I Grow Them?

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R: Hello folks and welcome to episode 4  of season 2 of RegenEarth! I’m your co-host Rich Bowden and I can hear friend and co-host Jon Moore at the microphone in his Highclere Regen Farm studio! Welcome to the show!

J: Hello one and all.

R: Ok, Jon. We’ve covered backyard veggies and herbs in our two previous shows. This week the question is: What are heirlooms and how do I grow them? Let’s start with the first part: What are heirlooms?


  • Traditional
  • Like grand dad used to sow
  • Italians, Greeks, Maltese, Lebonese ~ basically mediterranean

R: And what advantage or advantages do heirloom herbs and veggies have over the modern varieties?


  • Save your seeds
  • Local adaptation
  • Genetic base
  • The big one: flavour
    • Especially tomatoes but in all varieties. 
    • 1000s of varieties. 
    • Come and go and some persistent

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